CHF 360.00


The Intercept Pant delivers the ultimate in sound, scent, and sight suppression to help you get closer when spot-and-stalk bowhunting. The bonded merino wool-blend lining manages moisture and resists odor to keep smell to a minimum, and it regulates temperature for comfort through stop-and-go activity levels. Then we added a tough nylon face to make it durable enough to handle long crawls over rocky, brush-covered ground. Removable D3O® pads protect your knees while you wait for your shot and zippered hip vents allow you to dump heat in a hurry when on the move.

Why We Made This…

For the big game archery hunter, there’s no greater challenge and reward than getting close. Slipping into bow range requires the ultimate in stealth. Our Intercept Collection harnesses the power of nature through science to create ultra-quiet, durable, odor-resistant gear that enables spot-and-stalk hunters to stay undetected while closing the distance.

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